Flowers have been a traditional part of any funeral or memorial service for many years. We maintain a close working relationship with several local florists to ensure that we can meet your flower requests.

Flowers can be ordered through the Forrest & Taylor Funeral Home, or you can contact one of the local florists in the Georgina area. If you have would like to order flowers, or have any questions for us, please contact us or call us at 905-722-3274.

Flower Arrangements

There are six typical flower arrangements that are used at funerals services.

Casket Sprays are the flowers that are placed on the casket. They are traditionally provided by the immediate family or very close friends. They usually have a ribbon with a word on them, such as: "mom" or "dad," "wife" or "husband," or "friend."

Traditional Flower Arrangements are typically placed in a paper vase.

Vases are an arrangement of flowers typically set in a glass vase.

Standing Sprays or Wreaths are mounted on wire stands, and as such can be seen more easily in a church or reception setting.

Garden Arrangements, which are set in baskets, have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional arrangements.